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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support

Rest in Peace to all the beautiful angels gone too soon!

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Anonymous asked: Did you cremate your baby or did you burry her?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the option. The hospital I was out kept her remains. I had the option to take her or have her cremated but they lied to me and told me I couldn’t take her since I was in a different state than the one I would cremate or burry her in. It turns out I could have but I was under so much medication, alone, sad and scared that I signed their stupid paper that said they could keep her. 

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Anonymous asked: The guy I had been dating posted a picture up the other day with some female who I thought was a friend because after a while he deleted it. So I spoke to him this morning and all was okay. But now he posted a picture with his nephew and that same girl and what seems to be her two kids. Now I'm thinking this female is more than a friend. My question is, how do I rid him from my life and get over the plans we had for each other? Because I can't do this :(

I’m sorry, I think you should just talk to him. It’s best to be just honest with people and straight forward. It will be hard but you’ll be able to do it if that’s what’s best for you. Follow your heart!

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Anonymous asked: I was completely unaware of my pregnancy. I was having somewhat normal periods and by that I mean I was bleeding on time but not as heavy; more like spotting. No morning sickness or anything. Then one night, I was just having major abdominal pains assuming they were contractions and was bleeding. I was about 9 weeks. I saw the little thing I was carrying, weeping over the toilet. It's been a week and I'm still hurt. I wasn't ready for a baby but I wouldn't have mind. I didn't want this to happen

Of course, you didn’t want this to happen. I’m so sorry for your loss. Make sure you seen your OB/GYN if you haven’t already. If you need to talk more. I’m always here to listen. It will get better and easier to deal with, it just takes time. 

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lusttodust asked: Hey, I found your blog and god knows I needed this, to talk to someone who knows what it's like. I actually didn't know I was pregnant, but it's all I've ever wanted and my partner and I were trying. He said a few weeks ago he had a feeling this time was 'the one' and then 3 days ago, I came out of the bathroom with a huge bundle of tissue paper full of clots of blood and I fell apart. I feel like I should name it, and I don't know how to deal with the pile of tissue, (Word limit)

I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you’ve seen your OB/GYN by now. This is such a hard thing to go through, I’m sure especially when you’re trying. I am so glad you found this blog but so sorry that you had to look for it. We can all relate here though and are more than willing to talk to you anytime you need. If you feel as though you should name your baby, you should for sure! 

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Anonymous asked: I found out at my first scan on the 7th of april that i have had an anembryonic pregnancy, I got pregnant but the baby didn't survive long after implantation and just was reabsorbed by my uterus, I should have been 13+1 I don't know how to feel or act, I have to wait for my body to catch up and miscarry naturally. It is so hard seeing an ultrasound and not seeing what normal pregnant women see, everything was as it should be there was just no baby :(

I’m so sorry, that’s such a rough situation. I know what’s it’s like walking around waiting to miscarry. It’s hard. I’m so so sorry for your loss. If you need to talk more, I’m always here! <3

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I made my appointment!

I made my tattoo appointment to get my memorial tattoo for Kody for the 23rd of this month! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to show it to you all! It’s such a gorgeous tattoo and memorial for my sweet girl that I designed for her and had someone else important in her life draw for me (because my art skills are horrid!) I can’t wait to see it and have it forever on me! 

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broken-dreams-and-lost-souls asked: I think I had a miscarriage I was on the toilet and something fell out and it looked like legs and two days before the same thing but it looked like a skin ball . I'm confused . Help?

I’m not sure, I’m not a doctor. Go see your OB/GYN and tell them what happened and get checked! Lots of things could be going on and you need medical help! Xoxo

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