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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support

Rest in Peace to all the beautiful angels gone too soon!

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Anonymous asked: Do not listen to the people who say your being insensitive about answering their questions. Seriously, you are going through something extremely tough and they need to butt out because being "nice" to someone who compares your baby to their cat dying should be at the bottom of your priorities list. I apologize for their stupidity and insensitive nature.

Thank you! 

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Anonymous asked: Stop being negative! Have some faith! Trust in god! When someone tells you they are praying for you're baby to be born healthy and well, don't say "I'm not expecting it!" Receive it! Believe that it can happen!

I’ve heard what the doctors say. I’m not being negative I’m being realistic. I appreciate it and love the prayers but the strain of Cloacal Dysgenesis that my child has, has never had any survivors. The other strains have had a few but not this kind. 

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Anonymous asked: I don't know if you're religious or not but I am praying for you, your boyfriend/husband and your unborn baby. Miracles do happen and the doctors aren't always right. When my mom was pregnant with my younger sister she was told that she would die soon after birth. They were wrong. She was a little fighter and yes she went through many things and many months in the hospital but now she's a healthy 13 year old. Stay strong...

Thank you, I love hearing happy stories like that. I’m not expecting that to happen but it would be nice. I am relgious and thoughts and prayers are always cherished. Thank you very much <3 

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