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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support

Rest in Peace to all the beautiful angels gone too soon!

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foolsrushed-in asked: I lost my son Michael just a day short of 20 weeks in December 2012. I gave birth to my rainbow River Benjamin on January 9th.

Congratulations! I’m so glad you got your rainbow baby! 

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kira-plus-one asked: I did :) I lost my first at 13 weeks and now im 7 months pregnant with my second, both conceived in the same year

Yay! That makes me so happy! Congratulations! 

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drivesmehazy asked: My mother had a miscarriage then 3 successful pregnancys. My aunt had a stillborn at 20 weeks then 2 successful pregnancys. I lost my son at 22 weeks due to preeclampsia and I'm petrified to try again so I'm curious as well but my situation is different then most on here.... :(

I have a TON of followers who’ve lost between 20-42 weeks, so stillbirths. You’re not alone on here!

I’m glad your family has some success stories! Mine does too! I”m sorry for your loss. 

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Anonymous asked: How many of you women have had a successful second pregnancy after 1 loss? Just curious...

Yes, I’m curious as well! Please let me know… 

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Anonymous asked: Hi uh my girlfriend had a miscarrige last july after her prior boyfriend forced her into sex constantly. She was 15 when it happened shes 16 now. How can i support in anyway it all? Shes been having a really hard time lately

Well just that you cared enough to search and find my blog and write to me means you care a lot… You can just listen to her talk and hold her when she feels like crying. Recommending her to join therapy or a support group for women who’ve lost babies would also be a good idea. It will get easier on her but it takes time just be supportive and caring. Don’t force her into anything and try to understand how she’s feeling. If you or she would like to talk more, I’m always here!

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Anonymous asked: I'm scared of becoming pregnant again, because what if I lose the baby again?

I understand that fear, so very much. From what I’ve read though if your baby has a normal heartbeat – usually first visible on ultrasound at around 6 weeks – and you have no symptoms like bleeding or cramping, your odds of having a miscarriage drop significantly and continue to decrease with each passing week. I’ve also read and heard that you’re only more likely to miscarry again if you’ve had two or more miscarriages in a row. 30-50 precent die before you know you’re pregnant and then 15-20% of confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage… If you’ve only had one loss you have an 80% chance of carrying to term and  80% of miscarriages happen in the first trimester (12 weeks) so after that we go down to a 3% chance of losing the baby. Which means the statistics are in your favor but unfortunately things do happen. You just have to go into your next pregnancy hopeful, full of prayer and try to enjoy it even if you’re scared. I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray that your next pregnancy is perfect!

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Anonymous asked: I had a miscarriage a year ago. Docs told me there was nothing they could do to save it, went home and got really high to ease the pain my heart felt. Next day found out my doc was wrong and to this day I feel like killing myself because of my choice

I’m so sorry… That is understandable though. Don’t kill yourself though, you had no clue. 

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My tattoo :(

So I think I’ve told you guys about my seizures that I have. The doctor told me this week that I couldn’t get my tattoo that I was going to get today for Kody yet. I still plan to get it in a few months but I am so disappointed. Here is a picture of the sketch that I’m using just so you all can see it. I’m going to get it on my left shoulder blade. I’ll have the lines straightened when I get the tattoo since some are a little jagged but I just love it. I’m so disappointed that I can’t get it now, but what do you guys think about it?image

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Anonymous asked: When does it stop hurting?

Never… It gets A LOT easier though, I can’t tell you when that happens though because it’s different for everyone. For me it got a lot easier after about 13 months. I still have really rough days missing my girl but that’s when I started haivng more good days than bad. 

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Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm 15 and I made the stupid decision of having unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I miscarried after a month. I feel awful. I blame myself every day for it. I never thought I would feel this bad. And it doesn't help that my boyfriend doesn't understand how I feel. What do I do:,(

I’m so sorry for your loss. You need to journal, and tell some friends and family (if you haven’t already) and try to find a support group or get into therapy. All those things do help. It will get easier but it takes a lot of time, and it’s very common for boys not to understand. You become a mother as soon as your pregnant, your body makes hormones and you love you baby and feel the symptoms, boys don’t get that deep love until they hold their child so it’s hard for them. Especially scared teenage boys. If you want to talk more, I’m always here!

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Anonymous asked: My miscarried baby was due on the 4th (i got pregnant son after my miscarriage) and now i'm 7 months pregnant and i'm really unhappy and I just want my other baby

I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m sorry for your loss and Congratulations on your new baby. Don’t feel bad about feeling that way though, it’s a common feeling… especially when you get pregnant while you’re still in the depths of grieving your baby that you lost. When you see your new baby you’ll be happy. Just try to enjoy this time. If you’d like to talk more, I’m always here!

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Anonymous asked: How did you deal with breaking up with your angels father ? I have a hard time moving on from the man I almost shared a child with

A lot of tears and time… It got better but man was it hard. Especially since we didn’t talk at all. I think personally that made it harder on me but some people say that makes it easier on them. I think that, that was easier on Tyler to not talk to me. It did get easier though and I stopped missing him, it just took time.

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Anonymous asked: I just wanted to share my aunt's story. She miscarried my cousin Leona at 6 months. Its been a whole year and I'm the only one still so hung up on her. My aunt had another baby and I guard her but I'm still mourning Leona. Does it ever stop hurting?

I’m so sorry for the loss of your cousin. It’s so sweet of you to care and love her so much. No, it never stops hurting but it does get a WHOLE lot easier. If you’d ever like to talk I’m here. 

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Anonymous asked: Having a miscarriage has made me so suicidal and so afraid of being alone :/ the only person I want to talk about it is my boyfriend but he's so busy so a lot of the time I am left with my thoughts and I'm afraid I'm going to be left alone :/

I’m so sorry for your loss and this horrid pain that you feel. I went through that too, such a deep scary depression. You will get through this though, trust me. You are strong and your baby would want you to go on to live a long happy life. I am always here if you want to talk. I know how you feel. <3

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